Bryan Owens



Bryan’s Bizaar - Acoustic Music From Near and Far is a collection of folk melodies from around the world and was recorded in New Zealand. It features me on acoustic guitar/octave mandolin/clarinet, Patrick Riddett on wooden flute/whistles/button accordion, and Adrian Studer on violin.

Bryan's Bizaar

Nina Lane and I met in Golden Bay, NZ and have been performing and recording together ever since. As well as co-production and various songwriting credits, I play acoustic/electric guitar, octave mandolin and do some backing vocals.

Holding The Flame
Nina Lane

Sprygg was a folk and trad-music inspired collaboration between two performing musical and life partners, featuring me on the mandolin, octave mandolin, backing vocals, guitar and clarinet. The other members included Nina Lane, Dan Compton and Fran Slefer.

King Black Acid is an original rock band based in Portland, OR. I played lead guitar with them from 2016-2020 and feature on several tracks including the following:

Gabby Holt and I met in King Black Acid and I ended up doing a stint on lead guitar with her band for a brief period in 2019-20.

Heathen Collective was an improvisational project active in the early 2000s in Portland, OR. It consisted of me on octave mandolin, Erica Pedro on guitar and vocals, and Peter Jones on percussion. Most of these songs were birthed during live improv jams and were loosely developed into complete songs. This recording only captured a moment in time as the songs changed and morphed every time they were played.

Heathen Collective

Kendálin was an eclectic folk-fusion ensemble based in Portland, OR that featured me on guitar, octave mandolin and fiddle.

Mistral was a band that specialized in the folk music of Brittany. We performed around the Pacific NW and hosted seasonal community dances, with me on acoustic guitar and octave mandolin, Ian Clemmons on vocals, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy and button accordion, and Elizabeth Christina on flute, piano accordion, vocals, and percussion.

The Madcap Laughs was formed in Boone, NC where we all attended Appalachian State University together. This demo was from around 1994 and features me on electric guitar, Mike Blizzard on electric guitar and lead vocals, Nate Blankenship on bass and backing vocals, and Matt Blankenship on drums.

The Madcap Laughs

Cassandra Robertson and I met in the Pacific NW where we ended up becoming housemates during my early years in Portland, OR. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar and octave mandolin on various tracks from her first three recordings.